NEWS...........Want & Need live in New York from September 14th-17th

Conflux is the annual New York festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice.

The Village Voice describes Conflux as a "network of maverick artists and unorthodox urban investigators… making fresh, if underground, contributions to pedestrian life in New York City, and upping the ante on today's fight for the soul of high-density metropolises."

Participants in Conflux share an interest in psychogeography. Projects presented range from interpretations of the classical approach developed by the Situationists to new methods being developed today in cities throughout the world.

Want & Need took up residence at Love Brigade, fingers were busy and the screens showed a particularly varied response. from sausage dogs to urethra rods new york was eventful.

Teaming up with GRL to paint the town red, the boys were out late and had fun (below)

Click here to view latest Want images created by New York

Click here to view latest Need images created by New York

Cities already surveyed:

Oslo, Gallery Oslo, Club Stavanger London

The shop front window of the gallery was used so that the passing public had 24 access to the system.

T he display inside the gallery was mirrored.

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