NEWS...........Want & Need to visit Stockholm September 06

Today Want & Need have become confused. Our desires transform what is wanted into something essential. Our consumption can no longer be taken for granted. What I want is ...what I need....

Among acts such as Peter Greenaway, Robotlab and Jeff Mills C6 were invited to take part in the STRP festival, Want & Need canvassed the necessities and luxuries of the attending participating audience.

Heavy participation resulted in the system being texted every two or three minutes over the four days.

Except Sunday which saw the closing of the exhibit, for fears that the visual content would corrupt minors. C6 strongly objected, insisting that the exhibit be reinstated and that those offended, replace the offending material with something more of their choosing via the sms sytem. After several off and on's over the afternoon period the work was finally left alone to run. An apparent watershed hour had been reached! By that time however public confidence in the exhibit had been broken and a tailing off of interactions C6 can only attribute to BIS ('broken installation syndrome').

C6 are still at a loss to understand the reasons for the works censorship, having successfully exhibited the same work in several european countries. Pornographic images drawn in text have seemed to pose no threat to other countries of Europe.

As a system Want & Need converts sms into images rendered out using the original text. The resulting imagery is a collaboration between the public and C6 and gallery were C6 provide a system, the gallery a setting and the public the content. There are always a broad range of responses to the work and these depend on the varying factors of culture, age, sex, etc. The biggest influences on the content of those participating is the environment and setting.

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Cities already surveyed:

Oslo, Gallery Oslo, Club Stavanger London

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