Technical explanation of how NEST is done.

Application features

Logging in and out

Passing data


Fire wall

Animated diagram

Passing data

When a new user joins the NEST ring, the copy of the file that the new user holds may be less corrupted than the one being passed. Rather like a player in the chinese whisper game joining and passing the original uncorrupted message.

To safeguard against this interjection of purity, NEST makes sure that on joining a new user completes one whole pass and buffers the current corrupted file before in turn. In this way various individual visualised structures of the process are built up during each clients participation.


Serendipitous moments can be saved and emailed to us. These will appear on the site and will be in several different formats, audio and visual.

Visualisations of the Nest ring and the geographic map of users are created by the server and referenced on the site. Further visualisations will follow and it is hoped to open the data structure to a plug in architecture, later in this project.

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