Nest application settings

The Nest application has five menu bar buttons that allow users to update their log on details, change visualisation as well as play and record.

Below a screen shot with rollovers and feature pop ups to tell you about the settings.

Settings, logon and exit default 2d visualisation About details
settings panel 3d Visualisation
click to change


Login- log's onto the Nest ring.
Settings- add new users or manage a previous user setting.
Exit- Close window exit the network.


Play - Plays latest buffered sound (not active until one cycle) Or original audio


send- preliminary saving to file ...While concerns over bandwidth are solved ..........(coming soon)


2D Visualisation- Default 2D screen.
3D Visualiser- opengl enhanced view.


Why- Just because there always is one.

Other technical items:

Application features

Logging in and out

Passing data


Fire wall

Animated diagram