NEST is currently OFFLINE due to lack of hosting. A new version and server may be available in the future.

Windows installation Instructions

The NEST client comes with a Nullsoft Installer V2.0 for most windows systems. Information on the installation of Nest and the installer can be seen on our installation page. Further information about features of the NEST client can be seen on our screenshots section

Windows XP

Windows 95/98/NT2000

1.42 M approx. 4 min's on 56k

1.42 M approx. 4 min's on 56k


NEST release for Fedora core one is available


wxGTK wxGTK-gl and portaudio's rpm's also have to be installed these links can be found below:
installation must be done under a root login.

rpm -Uvh \ \

Other Linux distributions can try to use these rpms or convert them with Alien.


Problems with so called cross platform API's have held our planed Mac version back. At this stage any expertise in the compiling of mac programs from a so called collection of cross platform API's would be invaluable.


Source code

A release of source code will occur in the summer of 2004 after extensive testing and user reports. As will planned plug in architecture