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'Out of order comes accuracy; out of chaos, truth.' Pierre le R du Toit

The internet is an ordered place of ones and zeros, a logical exchange of packets of data. Math exists everywhere in bytes, bits, addresses and code. C6 has been creating chaotic content online for several years, and now focuses attention on to the raw materials of earlier transmissions: The search and interpretation of chaos online captured with a binary palette.

NEST is a network cooperation that examines the corruption of data transfer in virtual space. This is achieved via a community of users passing an audio file around in a ring. Connected by an unreliable method (UDP), the communication becomes prone to corruption, much like the children's game of ‘Chinese Whispers’, where each client is linked to their closest geographical neighbour. Passing a ‘virtual whisper’ around the internet, each link in the chain can create new versions with each imperfect cycle. (see Technical pages)

Corrupted Snapshot (top)
as an image and audio (right)

NEST is specifically designed for the poorly connected, its target being low bandwidth users, rather than high bandwidth commercial connections. There is an increasing technological gap between these two which is reflected in available online content. Often technological or economic factors can limit that bandwidth resulting in a compromise in the experience for both artist and viewer. NEST uses lower bandwidths and the faults caused by them to create new sound, open to the possibilities of random intervention.... more information
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'Chaos is the soul of creation. It plows the ground of intuition. Without chaos, nothing will grow.'
Michell Cassou