A Bite of The Big Apple


Jupiter hotel

Well its been almost a year since the Dotmasters first adorned the walls of local galleries, and to mark this occasion they have taken the newly cut stencils back to the city of their inspiration, New York, and Why stop there? When the west coast beckoned? So after a brief visit to the Big apple, The Dotmasters raided Seattle with a wish to trip along the north west coast peppering its galleries and cultural high spots with fine art vandelism. The plans were big and the time short so seattle and Portland bore the brunt. With a good crew of local artists to help the Dotmasters find their way around town.

chelsea sticker

A few special mentions are nessecery, Niko kindly donated the wonderful crack back vinyl sticker material you can see in some shots, thanks Niko, i got your big chicken by the L train stop on Bedford ave . Lars who accompanied on the craziest run through town i have ever made, all done out of the back of a yellow cab with a bribe of $15. Also a special thanks to the slug who without whose help none of the seattle and portland missions would of been possible.

disasters of war by goya

From there it was back to NYC and williamsburg where all this started. Hits included locations in Chelsea, williamsburg and dumbo. thanks to Evan James, Borna and Bobby for pointing us in the right direction.

inked in blood tourbus

While in New York the new cover for the Buzzcocks 30th anniversary live album was created and sprayed on a rooftop in downtown manhatten, it should be out before christmas.

faile studio