You may of seen the posters, Tee shirts, placards or the shutters on Curtain Road. Well here's the silkscreen print.

Designed for Mad Pride's current campaign against the benefit cuts, this is a two colour hand pulled silk screen in an edition of 50 measuring 57cm x 38cm on 300gsm somerset antique white.

Mad Pride is a celebration of mad culture, a chequered flag of demo's performances, art, music and resistance. Organised by a group of mental health survivours, Mad pride has been a constant form of creative protest for many years. I have been involved since 2005 in varying ways, the events are always volatile affairs but i have always been deeply affected by them.

All the proceeds from this silkscreen goes back to Mad Pride.

The 25 of the 50 of this edition are available here at the price of £30 with postage and packing of £11


These print will be available from here

For more images from the campaign can be found here