Society is breaking down-
C6 cannot take the responsibility for the sanity of its individual members.

Leon has been in the box now for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 days and nights. As convicts and mystics know, sensory deprivation will often result in profound changes in perception, mood and behavior. Remove physical contact, communication, food,T.V., cigarette,alcohol,caffeine,-
in a sense remove society and our bad habits and what we have left? Ourselves,
Angry? Confused? Depressed?

"Art serves its greatest purpose in society when it creates a change in consciousness". The deep effect on the artist and public has shown that a change in this consciousness can be really shown.The confines of the box have encouraged its use as a volatile performance space. Look long and hard. So much of what makes us is dictated by our surroundings, intake observation and communication
Beware entrance is at your own risk,
no responsibility can be accepted by c6
The right to refuse entry may be exercised