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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 11:48:04 GMT
From: evol 
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Subject: spam is evil! anti-terrosrist squad seize evol machine

hi all, 

good news and bad news....

you will be getting no more spam from 
(good news!)
i got sacked from today,...  i took a 
sickie on friday, 
and they took the opportuniyty to get the anti-
terrorist squad looking thru my 
computer, because of a cc:bombs which had 
a reference to a 'we should bomb IKEA as a matter of 
fact' joke on the cubecinema website!!! (it's quite 
clear what 'bomb' means in graffitti language on the site, but for more info., get in touch with 
me)!!! but i was sick 
of the job anyway, so now i'm freeeeee !

(bad news: you are now on the anti-terrorist squad's 
wank list)

so no more shit from and please use this 
address to admonish me in futurisms

more spam madness

to see the on-going newmediaspy/ email experiments

also been threatened with legal action for content on page, but i'm not doing anything about that 
yet 'cos i haven't got ftp on this machine

so sorry about any inconvenience =causes everyone

take care and stay free

new media whores:
crash yr browser:
sms evol: